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Information For Investors

Address: Ukraine, Poltava 36008, Yevropeiska Street 155. Located 0.5 km from the international highways M03 and E584.

Public joint-stock company "Electromotor" is a multipurpose industrial enterprise with a private form of ownership.

The range of products consists of variety of asynchronous electric motor engines with heights of the axis of rotation 63, 71, 80, 90, 100 mm, worm gearboxes and motor-reducers, feed choppers, household electric motor pumps, press granulators, milking machines, oil presses, feed-extruders, etc. The list of products is constantly increasing and updating.

The production is realized according to the complete closed cycle, which consists of stamping section, diecasting shop, mechanical assembly shop, limited edition shop, and auxiliary shops: instrumental, maintenance, transport and economic, thermal power area and repair and construction area.

In consideration of the agricultural potential of Ukraine, the production of a number of individual unified modules for the elevators was created. These are double-sided electric flap valves, rack gates with electric drive, gravity equipment for grain transportation systems.

In connection with the change of production character, coupled with the transition from a mass low-variety profile to a serial, covering a wide range of products for both industrial and domestic usage, there was a need for a gradual replacement of the special morally and physically worn out equipment for a more modern one with flexible quick changeover options.

Current situation led to the need to change the structure of production, optimization of the production areas usage.

As result was the possibility of phased release of the areas in one of the production buildings and the efficiency of its use in the future.

PJSC "Electromotor" is interested in cooperation with foreign and Ukrainian partners by transferring of released areas partially, phased or fully for long-term lease. Currently is possible a phased transfer of 8 separate production modules (PM) with a total area of 11 thousand square meters.

In case of receipt of acceptable proposals, the shareholders of the enterprise are ready to consider the possibility of selling of the whole building, with the exception of the stamping and machining production works. In the future, it will be possible to transfer these production works to another location.

Main characteristics of the production building:

- one-storey 7-aisle concrete-steel building. The perimeter is heat insulated with cellular polystyrene, all windows are double-glazed;

- production floor space - 30240 sq. m;

- building dimensions – 240 m * 126 m;

- height of aisles: 1st and 2nd - 9,6 m , 3-7th - 6 m;

- energy supply is possible from two independent sources input power is 5 megawatt.

- water supply from own well, also there is a reserve input from the public waterworks system;

- building heating is carried by solid-fuel boilers that run on fuel briquettes from biomass. Fuel briquettes are manufactured by the enterprise from timber and farm waste on the production department located in Dikanka (26 km from Poltava).

We invite to a dialogue all the potential investors and partners interested in mutually beneficial cooperation.