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          PJSC “ELECTROMOTOR” is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of electrical equipment for the agro-industrial complex with own history for more than 60.
Thanks to the fact that the plant's production is made only from high-quality domestic and imported raw materials, we are every year trusted by more and more consumers around the world.

          PJSC “ELECTROMOTOR” has a closed full production cycle and its current quality system complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001 standards.

          PJSC “ELECTROMOTOR” produces equipment for grain elevators and grain storage facilities, electrical engineering for farming and horticultural farms, motor-reducers and reducers, electric motors, household appliances, ventilation equipment and pumps.

          PJSC “ELECTROMOTOR” organizational management structure consists of young, experienced, dynamic, purpose driven and competent team members sharing common ethical values and merits.

          We are able to negotiate, we are flexible and we always try and intend to do "the right thing".

          We are oriented to create long-term business relationships and appreciate our partners.

          We guarantee only TOP level service and 24H professional support.

          Our passion and work ethic never falter!